Singer 1234 Sewing Machine Review (2020): Portable Sewing Machine for Beginners

Sewing machines have made our life a lot easier than before. Nowadays, compact machines are more popular than conventional large machines, because of the excellent features that it provides the customers.

They are now portable, easy to manage, and the most rewarding part is that they are inexpensive. The singer has evolved and, now it offers its customers some of the most reliable sewing machines of all time.

Their sewing machines are versatile and come with numerous varieties that benefit people of all ages. With their sewing machines, one can design pretty home decors, pillow covers, and top-notch handmade pieces. Let's do the singer 1234 sewing machine review in detail.

About Singer

Singer Corporation has been a manufacturer of sewing machines for more than a century now and has proved to be one of the best brands of sewing machines over time.

Almost all their products are purchased by people who love to sew at least once in their life. People have a deep connection with this brand due to their easy-to-use, compatible, and latest designs. It's all loaded with features and all at a very insignificant price.

The computerized sewing machines are highly appreciated by many because it provides a smooth sewing experience and makes it more fun.

Any issues faced by their customers are resolved instantly, which is why they still top the list of best sewing machines. We hope you learn more by this Singer 1234 sewing machine review.

Singer 1234 Sewing Machine Review

Singer 1234 Sewing Machine Review

Singer 1234 Top Features

Concerning the singer 1234 sewing machine review, we shall see if it offers a wide array of features that positively benefits its customers. The singer is always known for the best features that it provides its customers. We’ll take a look at some of them.


Six Built-In Stitches - If you're tired of the very design on your pieces, then it's time you have to switch to using singer as it offers attractive designs. They are straight, zigzag, satin, blind hem, and scallop. There is one decorative stitch as well. With these, you can make beautiful home decor and pillow covers.


Pre-Set Stitch - The length and width of the stitch can be altered according to your preference. All you have to do it to set the precise value of the stitch and you are good to go. Now we shall dig deeper into the features in this singer 1234 sewing machine review.


Free Arm - With this, you can easily select your stitch design, winding the bobbin is made easier, threading is also easy, you can adjust the tension, and there is also an extra presser foot lifter.


Type of Feet - Various feet types are included that work for all your purpose, zipper foot to insert zippers, and buttonhole foot for the buttons. Everything is made easier for you with this machine.


Stitch Selection - There is a stitch dial from which you can easily choose and change the stitches. It is highly beneficial for beginners.


Threading Can Never Get Easier Than This - With the threading diagrams on the machine, you can efficiently work. The diagrams are well described making it easier to thread.


Heavy Metal Frame - If you've experienced skipping of stitches, then not to worry with the singer as they have a heavy-duty metal frame and your stitches can never be more perfect with the right arrangement.


Portability - It weighs a few pounds barely, so it is lightweight and, conveying, it is more comfortable. You can carry it anyplace and start your craft right away. You can carry it to your sewing class or anywhere. We hope you are finding this singer 1234 sewing machine review useful.


Bobbin Winding Can Be Done Automatically - Bobbin winding can be annoying with other brands. Still, with the singer, if you follow the diagram, then the bobbin will automatically wind, which is the best thing ever.


Removable Compartment - You can retain your accessories in the storage compartment easily as it is removable. Storing and accessing is made easier with this.



Now that we have looked into the features of this little machine let's take a look at some of the advantages in this singer 1234 sewing machine review.

  • The finishing of the product is excellent and is easy to use
  • It is lightweight and portable. Carrying it is no big task
  • It is an excellent option for beginners. With essential features, beginners can quickly learn sewing
  • With the built-in stitch designs, one can create beautiful art
  • It comes with a lot of accessories, so it is easy to stitch and repair jeans or shirts
  • It is pocket-friendly and worth the price
  • It is user-friendly and doesn't let you get caught up anywhere in between
  • The pre-set stitch width and length make the stitch look perfect


Though the singer comes with great features, it has a few limitations, but they can be overruled as it is very minimal. But, in this singer 1234 sewing machine review, we’ll look at some of the disadvantages as well.

  • Stitching layers of fabric can be a real task, so it is not suitable for thick fabrics.
  • You might have a hard time setting up the bobbin.
  • Problems with tension might arise, which might affect the stitching.

Final Words

So in this singer 1234 sewing machine review, we found that the Singer 1234 is an excellent option for beginners because it is easy to use with the essential features. 

This subtly coloured compact machine is packed with features and is inexpensive too, which makes a great deal for everyone. If you're planning to gift someone a sewing machine, this is a perfect choice.

With its portability and built-in features, one can explore their creativity and design some good outfits or decorate their house with beautiful table cloths and pillow covers.

You can have the most fun while sewing with this beautiful machine and also have a good learning experience. We hope that the singer 1234 sewing machine review has helped you a lot.