Personalized Rubber Stamps for Crafters: Basics of Rubber Stamping

Rubber stamps are so much in trend nowadays. Personalized rubber stamps for crafters can be an ideal gift to show love and care. Rubber stamping is one of those crafts which can be started with a minimum investment of time and money.

All you need is honesty and dedication in rubber stamping. Though, the first stamps that were created were not made up of rubber but of mud. They were mainly used in ancient India. You can use the art of rubber stamping by learning its basics. It is one of the easy crafts that you can do. 

In this article, we’ll discuss personalized rubber stamps and the types of rubber stamps. 

Personalized Rubber Stamps 

Personalized Rubber Stamps for Crafters

Personalized rubber stamps for crafters are available in different ranges, font sizes, font color, ink color, impressions, and designs. You can get your rubber stamps from the internet or via any professional artist. Personalized rubber stamps can be sophisticated and whimsical. 

Before ordering personalized rubber stamps, make sure you’re well decided with which type of rubber stamps you want. The choice of rubber stamp solely depends upon its purpose.

You can choose between self-inked, pre-inked or wooden and traditional rubber stamps. Moreover, you also need to select what kind of stamp you want, whether the one which is made from a photopolymer or red rubber.

You cannot ask for a personalized rubber stamp for crafters that can violate the copyright laws.  The one that is made from red rubber is mainly on a high price range. Crafters always wish to work for the best projects that involve stamping with permanent inks. 

If you’re not able to find the personalized rubber stamp that you want, you can create your own customized rubber stamps according to your choices.  

Uses of Rubber Stamps

Use of Personalized Rubber Stamps for Crafters

Some famous uses of personalized rubber stamps are mentioned below. You can use these rubber stamps for different purposes.

You do not need to create new rubber stamps for every specific cause. There are many uses of rubber stamps, although personalized rubber stamps for crafters have some particular uses that depend on your needs.

• You can address envelopes using your personalized rubber stamps.

• Use the stamps for handmade gift cards to make the other person feel special and loved. 

• You can use them for your signature. 

• Create customized stationery with your monogram or name. 

Common Mistakes in Rubber Stamping and the Solution for Them

As a beginner, you might unintentionally do some mistakes while rubber stamping. Here we’ll discuss some common mistakes that are made by rubber stampers and the solution for those mistakes. It would be best if you avoided these mistakes to make perfect personalized rubber stamps for crafters.

1. The images do not look exactly like the image on the stamps. This mistake mostly happens because the professional crafters color the pictures created on stamps. Stamp companies want attractive models for their stamps.

The solution for this is, stop comparing your image with the photos made by professionals. Everyone has their craft style, focus on your art and see what is most suitable for you. 

2. The pictures you made look uneven. The quality of your image solely depends upon the type of paper you are using and how much ink you’ve used in the picture.

The solution for this is, use the best quality paper and make sure that the ink is evenly spreading at the stamp.

3. The beginners buy everything by watching the professionals. You do not need to buy everything that the professionals have. You can create fantastic rubber stamps with a minimum of products. 

4. The beginners buy stamps for every occasion. You do not need to purchase stamps for every time. Buy those stamps that are not too seasonal to ensure that they can be used in different ways.

It would be best if you bought those personalized rubber stamps for crafters that have multiple uses. 

5. You are in the perception that rubber stamping is all about handmade cards. Well, it is not valid. Rubber stamping is not just about handmade cards. There are many ways in which you can use stamps. Try something innovative for rubber stamping. 

Types of Rubber Stamps

There are many types of stamps, and every kind of rubber stamps has its specific uses. Let’s discuss briefly the different kinds of rubber stamps that are present in the market. 

1. Wooden Rubber Stamps or Traditional Rubber Stamps

These traditional rubber stamps are current for ages. They are the most popular type of rubber stamps in the market. The handle in this wooden stamps provides a secure and robust grip for stamping.

Traditional and wooden stamps are available in different sizes, and you can quickly get a personalized rubber stamp in the market. Many crafters prefer wooden rubber stamps as they are more attractive and aesthetic. 

2. Self-Inked Rubber Stamps

This type of rubber stamps is the best for those who need stamping more frequently. Each mount in self-inked rubber stamps contains an ink pad that is required for stamping.

The inks present in self-inked rubber stamps are water-based inks that are more accurate and reliable. These inks can be re-filled easily and are available in many different colors. Though, these types of rubber stamps are more costly than wooden rubber stamps. 

3. Pre-Inked Rubber Stamps

These types of personalized rubber stamps for crafters have more clear, crisp and clean impressions. They provide high-quality prints. These rubber stamps come with a cartridge.

This is an oil-based ink that provides a high-quality impression. It requires minimum pressure in stamping, which makes it the best option for those places that have a calm environment. 


Rubber stamping is a work of art. You do need to copy the professional artists to create perfect images for stamps. Create your signature rubber stamps that can be used in different ways.

Different types of stamps have various uses; you do not need to create all kinds of personalized rubber stamps. It is essential to know all the uses of all the variety of stamps. You can ask for personalized rubber stamps for crafters, and the professional artists will make amazing personalized rubber stamps according to your preference.

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