Master’s Touch Acrylic Paint Review (2020): Spread and Splatter Your Art With Beautiful Colors

The dream of every artist is to get good quality paints that make their work look amazing. Even if one has the right technique and skills, good quality paints are still needed to execute those skills.  Acrylic paints are one of the most widely used paints because they are very versatile. 

Acrylic paints can be thinned down with water to give it a watercolor texture or it can even be made to look dark through layering. The mark of a great acrylic paint is in its pigment and Master’s Touch acrylic paints provide a great concentration of pigment for you to get that burst of beautiful colors in your next work. 

These paints have become much popular because of how easy they are to use and the quality of the pigment. All that combined with fair pricing is a great package deal. 

About Master’s Touch

This brand of acrylic paint is the creation of Hobby Lobby. You will find these acrylic paints in their stores and many other websites online. They aim to provide great quality paints and offer unmatched customer service. 

They can assist you with anything related to their paints and help guide you on what is best for you depending on your skill level. This is why they have gained so much popularity throughout. 

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, it doesn’t matter because they provide something for all skill levels and help you in making the best buy. This is why this brand is as popular among beginners as they get good quality paints and assistance!

Master’s Touch Acrylic Paint Review

Master’s Touch Acrylic Paint Review

Master’s Touch Acrylic Paint Top Features

These paints have many great features that make it stand out. They are made for all artists so that they can get the maximum use out of these acrylic paints. Here are some of the top features of these paints that make them unique:


Concentrated pigment - If you don’t know this already, then you need to know that the higher the concentration of the pigment, the better your colors will look. A paint that is concentrated with a lot of pigment is the mark of good paint. 

Acrylic paints with a high concentration of pigment can help your painting or artwork get that splash of colors and help make it look more vibrant. If acrylic paint has a lower concentration of pigment then one needs to do a lot of layering to get the right color. 

This is why a concentrated pigment is so important when it comes to painting.


59 different colors - These acrylic paints come in fifty-nine different colors so you have a wide variety of range to choose from. When you do mixing you can produce even more colors however their full range is what anyone will ever need to make great paintings and artwork.


Transparent packaging - Master’s Touch acrylic paints come in a clear plastic packaging so you can have a look at the color before purchasing. Many paints have different types of names with opaque packaging that makes it hard to understand what color must be inside. 

With transparent packaging, you know what you are buying before deciding to purchase. It is also useful in a way that when your paints are about to finish you will know so you can stock up again!


Exceptional consistency - Acrylic paints with good consistency help in having perfect strokes. A good consistency also means that you won’t have to work hard to spread the paint on the canvas as the consistency is thin and smooth. 

This makes the paint very easy to use on any type of surface and for any type of artwork.


Comes in a variety of sets - You can either buy the tubes on their own or purchase one of the sets. Master’s Touch acrylic paints come in a variety of sets which include six, ten, eighteen, twenty-four, thirty-six, and forty-eight sets of colours. 

You can make a purchase depending on what you require and your painting needs.


These paints have many good qualities. Here are some that make them so amazing and easy to use:

  • These paints mix very well with other things such as pastes and gels and a variety of other mediums
  • They can be used on any type of surface as they still maintain the same quality and texture
  • Master’s Touch acrylic paints provide a very smooth application and so it is a great paint when it comes to blending
  • Highly concentrated pigment means colors look amazing
  • If you are not into highly pigmented paint then you can thin it out with water and the quality will remain the same
  • They are highly cost-effective
  • Great for beginners to use as they are very easy to work with
  • Wide range of colors that mix well with each other


These paints are super affordable and amazing to use so they don’t have many downsides to it. Here are two that one might face:

  • May crack during travel because of the plastic packaging
  • Maybe too heavily bodied for some people

Master’s Touch Acrylic Paint Review: Final Words

These acrylic paints are worth much more than their price. This is because they are very high in quality and are very easy to work with. They are great for beginners to start with as they will have no problem getting the hang of painting through these acrylics. 

Even professionals can make use of this paint as it is high grade and since it comes in such a variety of colors there are many colors to choose from. With these top-notch acrylic paints, all you need is a good set of brushes to work on your artistic skills. 

If you are an artist and love to work with paints, then these will be the perfect fit for your next artistic venture.

Art is all about expression and when we have the right tools the expression can take many beautiful forms. Grab these paints, some amazing brushes and let the creativity flow.