Knitting vs Crocheting: Is Crocheting Easier Than Knitting?

The Human race has learned ways to make everything look aesthetic. Ever since 30000 BC, the embroidery was modernized with passing years of new challenges and expectations.

Fashionable garments would not have been possible if any form of embroidery, knitting or needlework was not introduced in our world. Knitting was a form of sewing dated back in the 11th century.

Crochet is form needlework that has existed since the 19th century. These were fancy things to own as the Royal families in Europe and all across the world wear garments with such intricate work.

Today, with the availability of various types of needlework that can also be done on a machine, it is a challenge to set apart the pros and cons of Crocheting and Knitting to understand if crocheting is easier than knitting.

It has an enormous history value of labor and effort, and it is found to be utilized by Big fashion Moguls to make beautiful looking garments and accessories today. Let us proceed to find out if crocheting is more natural than knitting based on certain factors.

How to See the Difference?

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To find out if crocheting is easier than knitting, we need to understand the differences. Knitting has only two kinds of stitches- knitting and purling, which are mixed and matched to create diverse looking patterns to be formed in rows. Knitting requires two pointy needles, knitting loom, as well as knitting machines. One can use hands to knit.

Whereas crocheting requires one hooked-needle and your hand. You will never find a machine that does crochet work, as it is very intricate. Crochet too requires yarn as a material to make patterns. 

Both types result in different looking products. The stitch of crochet looks bulkier. If we think about crochet and knitting, both are perfect but are required to make different kinds of products.

Based on the Factor Speed

Is crocheting easier than knitting? One can easily judge by asking a few experts in the field about the speed of both crochet and knitting. It is found that crochet is way faster in comparison to knitting.

But it truly depends on the skill of the person doing it. For creating delicate items like scarfs, stole, etc., if one finds the correct stitch, it is easy for the person making it. But crocheting seems to have a better outcome when it comes to making a shapely item like a hat.

Even if one calls crocheting to be faster, at the end of the day, it depends on the skill of the person doing the work. Crocheting takes up hardly much time to create crochet Afghans. You also learn crocheting quicker. 

Can I Make Errors?

In crochet, if you make a mistake, you can immediately pull the yarn, undo 20 stitches and put the hook back in the loop. Even if it falls off, you can put it back again and continue with the crochet.

But when you make a mistake in knitting, it is unfortunate, but one has to open the knit one stitch at a time, and it has to be done with a lot of agility and patience, as you need to work with two needles here. Is crocheting easier than knitting? In this case, yes. 

Freedom in Knitting v/s Crocheting


When talked about the freedom in knitting and crochet, we are trying to compare the freedom of movement as well as the stitches and loops made out of the yarn in both the styles. Let us see in this context if crocheting is easier than knitting.

First, we shall see how knitting is done- one can say that knitting is more relaxed as it consists of only two stitches. You use two needles, make a loop, identify the loop, pass the needle through it and make the next loop.

Here, some people find it difficult to hold two needles and coordinate their hand-eye movement to create the same pattern and keep track of every stitch as they are not secured or bound off. All the stitches are held in a row unsecured on one of the needles.

The stitches of the previous row hold the next row of yarn. This continues until the last row, which is then secured and bound off. Knitting, thus, is not only a long process but requires you to be very skillful. You get one dropped stitch, and it will end up unraveling all the loops.

Is crocheting easier than knitting? Yes. Crocheting has many patterns out of which you can create bulky motifs. When one is crocheting, he/she builds stitches on top of each other and has to work with only one loop at a time, or sometimes a few loops.

The process is such that it secures off every loop and goes on to the next. If you make a mistake, you can easily undo some of the loops and start with the loop you want to redo and continue. Instead of having an entire row of live stitches on the needle, one works with only one live stitch in crocheting. 



Is crocheting easier than knitting when it comes to its expense? Crochet uses up a lot of yarn, almost 1/3rd more yarn than knitting, i.e., 30% more. Knitting, however, takes up more time. Thus, to keep up on the costing part, if you want to spend less money on yarn, then you shall knit.

Heavier and stretchier fabric is used when making Hats, Scarves, Afghans, Baby Blankets, Bags, Socks/ Slippers, etc. Whereas, when one has to make a sweater, it is preferable if one knits it as a sweater needs to have a delicate and soft on our skin. Even gloves can be crocheted or knitted; depending on the kind of product you want. 

‘Is crocheting easier than knitting’ is a debate than needs to the left to the experts to answer. It depends upon you whether you prefer knitting to crochet or crochet to knitting.

Knitting is for you if you have patience and the time to work on one thing at a time, want to keep the budget within limitations as crochet uses up more yarn, prefer a systematic method and intricate process of work and want to explore a whole wide world of knitting patterns and motifs. All you will need is a pair of needles and yarn. 

Whereas crocheting is for you if you love quick results with bigger and bulkier stitches, you love to work your way and are willing to find out different types to crochet patterns on your own while working on making something; you do not fear to make errors.

With a hooked needle and stretchy yarn, you can work any, which way you like and want. Thus, when asked, you are the question- is Crocheting is easier than knitting? It has a simple answer- it depends upon what you like and want. 

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