How to Make an Ouija Board? Follow These Simple steps

Halloween season can’t be complete without a scare game with friends, can it? And what better way to celebrate than playing a Ouija board game? Ouija board game is a spirit-board or a talking board game. Ouija board games all become sold out during the Halloween. Store bought boards are often not up to the mark. They are made my cardboard and wear out faster.

Why buy the same thing every year for Halloween when you can make one at home? Ouija boards are super easy to make and costs a very small amount. You can customize it as you want and share it with your friends! We’ve made a step-by-step guide on how to make an Ouija board quickly with crafting hacks. So, let’s go and find out!

What’s Ouija Board? 

If you don’t know what’s a Ouija board then you must have been living under a rock. It’s the coolest and also a bit controversial talking board game to bring the ‘dead’ back, allegedly. Back in the 18th century when there was a sudden rise in American spiritualism, the Ouija board came into play.

The origin of Ouija board is still unknown, which just made it even more popular. Fast forward to 21st century, we all know there’s no way to bring the dead back but Ouija board remains as a fun game to play among friends.

Things You Wil Need

  • A Wooden table or surface
  • Pencils
  • Acrylic pain
  • Paint brushes
  • Paint pen
  • Numeral Stencils
  • A planchette
  • A bit of patience
  • Sandpaper
  • Play dough

Start by drawing a guideline

The first step to making a Ouija board is making a guideline. Make sure that the wood is first cleaned and smoothed out before you carry out the work. This will help you proceed in a organized way. As you know, Ouija boards have some letters and words written on it. Start by making a pathway of where the letters, numbers and words should be.

 Always use pencils to make guidelines as you will erase it later. Make the edges neatly and use your stencils if you’re comfortable enough with it. Take the wooden board and draw a vertical line which will connect the center points on the top and bottom.

After that, draw a horizontal line and connect the center points located at the sides. The two lines will intersect at one point- this is your actual center point of the board. This is nifty trick to make sure the arrangements look good. You can correct the spacing with this center point guideline. If you love to curve the letters and even add some calligraphy works, try doing curved guidelines.

Make sure to stencil the letters and numbers

Now the real crafting begins. First, choose a favorite color from the palette and use the pain the paint brush to stencil the letters. The way to go about it is to move your stencil away after doing each letter. Sometimes the paint is too heavy and you might end up with a sticky stencil.

So, try to do this with as much care as possible. Another problem while using pain is that it may not dry soon enough. Gently blow on the paint so that it can dry very quickly, or else it will smudge all over. 

If all these seem too much work, you can always just use printable letters. And if you happen to be a skilled crafter and feel confident enough, just go straight with the paint and skip the stenciling.

Write the traditional Ouija board words

Time to do the fun part. Traditional Ouija boards have some words written at the corners, like “yes”, “no”,” hello”, “goodbye” and so on. Making your own Ouija board, you can add whatever words you like. Use your paint pens to write the things. If you don’t have a pain pen, just use a thin marker or acrylic paint. There’s no restriction! Make sure that the ink gets dry soon, otherwise your whole work will get ruined.

Varnish the surface before the planchette

Before you start calling the spirits, varnish the surface or put some coating on it to make sure you can move the planchette smoothly. Make sure to coat multiple times and always dry before applying the next coating. It might seem a bit time consuming, but it’s all worth it!

Making the planchette

Now that the board is ready, it’s time to make the planchette. Without this item, there’s no point of having a planchette. You can use the Super Sculpey for planchette or go about it your own way. Make into any favorite shape and try to add some embellishments like a dot in the middle or a circle in the middle. Roll out tiny balls as ‘feet’ for the planchette.

Flip it over to make sure that the planchette is stable on these supports. Now the fun part. Bake it! Don’ worry, it’s not at all dangerous. Put it in the toaster oven and bake it for 20 minutes or so until it hardens. Let it cool for a while and then sand it down with some drywall sand paper. Wipe down the surface to remove the scrappy stuffs. Now, use a favorite pain to use on it and coat it multiple times for smoothness. Let the paint dry overnight and that’s it! You have a functioning planchette!

The best part! Call the spirits

Ready to call the dead? The Ouija board should be ready to use now. A word of advice, if you want the planchette to glide over easily, add felt circles to the underside of the planchette. The only thing left to do now is to call your friends and start the best Halloween activity ever!

Final Words

Learning to how to make Ouija board is no easy task. But if you follow this guideline, you’d definitely end up with a functioning one! Go ahead and get all the supplies, make your own Ouija board in this Halloween.