How to Double Crochet: A Step-by-Step Guide

Picked any new skill during the lockdown? If not, we have a suggestion- crocheting! But, how to double crochet? This ancient hobby is recently making a comeback and the timing can’t be better. The holiday season is coming over and if you know a bit of crocheting, you can gift your loved ones a crocheted dress.

There are plenty of things you can make for yourself or anyone if you know a bit of crocheting. It can be a blanket, a pet bed, a scarf, even a mask! Crocheting is not hard at all, just takes a lot of practicing. The first step to crocheting is learning some basic stitches. The double crochet stitch is one of those basic stitch lessons you need to master. It’s also the most useful stiches in crocheting as you can do many different styles with it.

This article is for you if you want a step by step guide on how to double crochet as a beginner! We hope at the end of this guide you’d be able to make your own crocheted piece of art! Let’s go and find out the steps!

hot to doubel crochet

  1. Start by making a foundation chain

How to double crochet 101! You need to first make a foundation chain. The later steps would depend on this first step, so try to do it carefully. You can actually go for chainless foundation too, but we’d go into that later. At first, start making a slip knot and then crochet the chain. If you have a pattern, try to follow that to fix how long the crochet should be. What if you don’t have pattern? You can still just crochet a chain that is long enough for your project. In this case, you have to add extra two stiches.

  1. Learn how to yarn over 

After you’re done with making a foundation chain, now’s the time for yarning over. Pretty simple-just yarn over the hook and insert it into the chain. Hook into the third chain for the first stitch. The chains you skipped will become the first double crochet of the row, as you’ll find out later. Add some extra chains to the foundation chain. These chains will help you create the first double crochet. 

  1. Repeat and pull through

This is where the real crocheting begins. Yarn over and pull it through the third chain. You’d see that there are three loops in the crochet hook. Any stitching, knitting or crocheting work means you have to repeat steps over and over again. The first steps are the foundations and afterwards you have to keep following the pattern. 

  1. Congrats! You made your first loops

Now, take a yarn over again and pull through two loops out of the three loops on the hook. Doing this will leave you with two loops on the hook. Don’t get frustrated just yet! This step is essential for all the other steps that will follow. From this step on, you’d have to repeat a pattern.

  1. Complete the stitches like this

For a final time, yarn over again and pull through the loops which are still on the hook like the previous steps. And there you have it- the first complete double crochet. The main strategy of a double crochet is to repeat some patterns. First, yarn over and insert hook. Then yarn over again, pull through. Repeat this step for two times more. At the end, you’ll have to pull through with only two loops remaining. 

  1. Cover the rows

Now, to completing the rows. Skip the first three chains at the beginning of the foundation row. Repeat the same steps for the next double crochet pattern. Insert the hook to the adjacent stitch the left of the previously done double crochet hook. Keep on doing this by adding a double stitch in each chain until you run out of rows.

  1. Create a turning chain

Each time you’ll be turning and start a new row, you have to create a turning chain. It’s like making the first double crochet row without the related steps that come after it. To do so, first simply make three chains for the crochet. Then work your way through the next crochet. Yarn over and keep on inserting the stitch into the next one to complete the work.

  1. Time for front and back loops

If you want to take the double crocheting up a notch, try this front and back loops method. For each row, crochet the stitches into the front and back loops. What this gives are a different texture but using the same simple technique. 

  1. Increase and decrease

Maybe you’d like to crochet a round table mat? Round shapes are a slightly different game than the rectangular ones, what we just learnt will make a rectangle shaped crochet form. Now, it’s time to understand how to crochet round shapes.  For this, you’d have to use the increase and decrease the stitches.

What does increasing mean? Crocheting two double stitches into one stitch from a row below is basically increasing. If you make two successive stitches into one, then you’ll get a double crochet.

First, start doing a normal double crochet and go through all the steps until two loops are left on the hook. Then leave the work and yarn over, insert the hook to next stitch. Work your way through like this until you get your desired shape.

  1.  Make a chainless foundation

Finally, the chainless foundation. You can opt for a chainless foundation too. In a single step, you can incorporate the foundation chain into double crochet stitch. This is a bit advanced way of crocheting and only recommended if you have mastered the other techniques above. Chainless crocheting is very uniform and working a chain. But it needs skillful hands.

Final Words

So these were some basic steps on how to double crochet for beginners. Crocheting is a beautiful art that used to be passed down from generation to generation. It was never as appreciated before. However, many people are now finding it interesting. We hope you follow all these steps and crochet yourself a reward!