The Everyman Grafton Pen Review (2020): An Excellent Gift for Writers

Recently, many people have switched to the Grafton Pen for their everyday carry needs and there is a reason why. It is much better than its competitors in the market as it offers much more and is fairly priced. 

The Grafton Pen is made keeping everyday needs in mind and so it is very durable. It glides smoothly on paper and might just become your new favorite pen if you give it a try. 

It is so popular because it is perfect for everyday use and once it runs out you can refill. It is a well thought out design and comes in nice packaging which is just a bonus on the already great product inside.

About Everyman

Just like the name suggests, Everyman makes products that can be used by everyone. They are experts in making everyday products to make everyone's lives easier. The quality is top-notch and it is a well-known brand in its niche.

Everyman is known for their customer service as they will fix any issues and provide assistance when need be. With the quality products that they provide, their items are fairly priced. 

They have rolled out many successful products over the course of their business and have made a place for themselves. A brand that provides quality, customer care, and exceptional products to its customers. 

Grafton Pen by Everyman

Grafton Pen by Everyman

Grafton Pen Review: Top Features

The Grafton Pen has many qualities that make it unique from the rest of its competitors. Here are the top features of this pen:


Aluminum body - The Grafton Pen has an aluminum body that gives it a unique and sleek design while also keeping the pen extremely lightweight. It comes in the colors black, silver, gunmetal, and there is a limited rose gold and gold edition.

Because it is so lightweight you can carry the pen in your pocket, purse, hand and you won't even feel any weight


Deep groove grip - A pen must provide a good grip. Many pen manufacturers overlook this factor and it can be extremely irritating when the pen keeps slipping from one's hand. 

Everyman has taken care of this issue by giving the Grafton pen deep grooves which are perfect for having a solid grip. So, if your hands are sweaty because you are nervous during a meeting then don’t worry because the Grafton pen has got your back!


Strong bolt-on clip - This feature is added so refills can easily be added to the pen and you don't have to worry if your pen runs out of ink. The bolt-on clip on the Grafton pen is very strong so even if you run out of ink quickly the clip doesn't come out even after consistent use. 

This helps keep the pen intact for a longer period. Having a strong bolt-on clip increases the longevity of the pen and this is exactly what you get from the Grafton pen.


Durable design - It is designed to keep one thing in mind and that is a long life. This is the mark of a good pen, that it can withstand wear and tear and survive for a long period. Every element of the design is well thought out to give it durability. 

After all, what is an everyday pen when it can't last every day?  The Grafton Pen will last you a very long time, keeping in mind refills of course.


Waterproof - One thing that you don't have to worry about at all is a spill. The Grafton Pen is waterproof and so even if water or any drink gets spilt on it, it will still perform like before. 

This is a great feature as one can be clumsy and spill a drink on any surface. However, its waterproof design takes away that worry as well. How great is that?

Grafton Pen Review


Now that we know everything about this pen, let’s take a look at what benefits it provides its users:

  • It has a slim and sleek industrial design
  • You can use many refills in this pen such as Grafton gel, Fisher Space, Monteverde, Parker-style G2, and Pilot G2 rollerball refills
  • The writing quality of this pen is exceptional
  • Offers great balance which leads to much comfort while writing
  • The weight is perfect for a pen that is easy to carry everywhere
  • It offers durability and longevity
  • The deep grooves provide a solid grip and comfort while writing
  • Colour on the body of the pen doesn’t get worn at all even with consistent use


Everything has its downsides too and here are some to the Grafton Pen:

  • You might have to tighten the pen again and again as the threading on the barrel can sometimes come loose
  • It can be a little pricey for some people as it costs around $35
  • The clip of the pen can sometimes be too stiff and not provide enough spring action for opening 

The Grafton Pen Review: Final Words

It is advertised as a “buy-for-life” pen and that is what it provides. The aluminum body is strong yet lightweight so there is no need to worry about the pen breaking or bending. 

It is a great pen for avid writers who love good quality because this is exactly what it provides and maybe the reason why it's priced at around thirty-five dollars. 

However, the cost is worth it in terms of durability and quality as you can get a lot of use out of this pen. This is why it might not be suitable for people who don't want to spend so much on pens as they don’t use them every day. 

The Grafton pen is a great buy and can cater to all your writing needs. Just be sure to buy enough refills so you can get the most out of it while you can. 

If you love stationery and writing then the Grafton pen will be a perfect fit for you. 

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