Crochet Hook Size Chart

Crochet is a stress-free hobby for many people because of how easy and effortless it can be if you know how to do it. Once you learn to crochet your hands start to do it for you and you don’t even have to concentrate on getting it right. However, to reach that point you need to learn quite a few aspects of crochet including how to choose the right yarn, how to understand crochet patterns, and how to settle the crochet sizes to make a particular piece. 

With that being said, we are here to guide you on everything you need to know about crochet hook sizes as it’s one of the most crucial parts of crochet. 

What Are All The Sizes Crochet Hooks Come In?

Crochet hook sizes vary from country to country therefore it’s important to know the conversions. If you want a crochet pattern to be written in a different place, these conversions will help you achieve the exact pattern you’re going for. One of the crucial parts of determining a crochet hook size is its diameter as the sizes of the hook as well as the stitches depend on it. 

The unit of measurement of hook sizes in millimeters and ranges from 2 mm to 20 mm or more.  As you can see in the crochet hook size chart below, you can use the size reference from Australia and New Zealand as they use the metric sizes. Whereas in the US, hooks are labeled in letters and numbers, and the UK and Canada use numbers for hook sizes.

Determining the size of the hook can be easy if you focus on the thickness of the garment you’re making. For example, if you’re making a scarf or a sweater with chunky wool you should use a bigger hook as it’s a thicker yarn. 

What is a “Thread” Hook?

Thread hooks are a different name given to steel hooks which are only ideal for fine lace thread. The size of the hook is inversely proportional to the size of the diameter therefore a hook size with the smallest millimeter measurement will be the largest. The size of these crochet hooks ranges from 0.6mm of size 12 to 3.25mm of size 00. The crochet hook size chart below should help you find conversions. 

Crochet Hook Size Chart

2.00 mm14
2.25 mmB/113
2.50 mm12
2.75 mmC/211
3.125 mmD
3.25 mmD/310
3.5 mmE/4
3.75 mmF/59
4.00 mmG/68
4.25 mmG
4.50 mmUS77
5.00 mmH/86
5.50 mmI/95
6.00 mmJ/104
6.50 mmK/10.53
7.00 mm2
8.00 mmL/110
9.00 mmM/1300
10.00 mmN/15000
11.50 mmP/16
15.75/16 mmQ
19 mmS

What Crochet Hook Is The Right Size?

Usually, crochet patterns will have a suggested crochet hook size which portrays the number of stitches per inch. With that being said, just following the guidelines of crochet hook size may not suffice.

Getting it right is a process in itself. Therefore, you should stitch to make a pattern of about 4 inches following the same hook size you’ll be using in your project. Now, wash the swatch, and measure after drying it. This is vital in crochet products such as sweaters. 

After measuring the dried swatch, if it measures bigger than the pattern’s requirement, reduce the size of the hook and size up a hook if it’s smaller than what is needed. In case you do not have a pattern in mind, you can check the label for suggestions of both the gauge as well as the crochet hook size. 

Types of Crochet Hooks


These are the smallest crochet hooks ideal for only fine thread crocheting. 


The most generic choice that is ideal for beginner because it yarn glides smoothly when it is used. 


The most cost-effective choice and they’re available in all sizes. 


Except for the smallest and the jumbo size, these lightweight crochet hooks come in all sizes. 


Also known as afghan crochet and cro hook, these longer-than-regular hooks have a hook at the end, so the stitches are kept on the hook while crocheting.  


Either made with a standard shape or curved, wood crochet hook can be economic. 

The Knook

It’s a long crochet hook with a hole in the end through which you can run the piece of yarn to create stitches similar to knitting. 


These hooks have larger soft handles that reduce strain on the hands while crocheting.

Crochet Hook Size Chart FAQs

Q. What if I use a smaller crochet hook?

A. A smaller crochet hook will create a smaller gauge therefore the finished product will be smaller. 

Q. What’s the most common size of crochet hook?

A. The crochet hook size G/H is the most common one which can be used for multiple crochet projects. It’s a 5.00mm in the metric size and a 6 in Canada/UK

Q. What’s the right size of crochet hook for a blanket?

A. Although it depends on the size of the yarn you’re using, a suitable crochet hook size for a blanket would be H/8 (5mm in metric). 

Q. How does the hook size determine crochet?

A. The bigger the hook size the bigger the gaps will be between the yarn so the connections between the loops will be looser, and vice versa. Also, the finished product may be affected by the weight of the yarn.


Now that you’re aware of the crochet hook size chart it should help you understand crochet in depth. However, do not worry about memorizing the chart. Instead, you can always use this article as a guide whenever you sit down to crochet. If you continue doing it, soon you’ll be able to crochet without looking at the crochet hook size chart repeatedly.