14 Adorable Counted Cross Stitch Patterns for Babies

Counted Cross stitch patterns for babies is one of those patterns that remain in trend every time. There are many artists, designers that design the traditional and modern cross stitch patterns for cute babies. Each cross stitch pattern defines the creativity of its designer; it reflects the efforts and hard work that is required to make the best cross stitch pattern. These days, people are obsessed with cross stitch patterns for their newborn babies.

You can learn and understand the basics of the cross stitch pattern in a short time if you’ve had the proper dedication towards it. In this article about some best modern and traditional counted cross stitch patterns for babies.

Counted Cross Stitch Pattern 

The counted cross stitch pattern is a type of thread embroidery that is present in the world from decades, it is often misunderstood, but it is one of the most natural forms of needlework. Cross stitch is a pattern stitched in X-shaped embroidery. Cross stitch pattern is available in kits. Moreover, you can create your cross stitch patterns for your babies with basic knowledge. 

There are mainly two types of cross-stitched patterns.

1. The traditional cross stitch pattern 

2. The modern cross stitch pattern

Steps for Cross Stitch Pattern

Steps for Cross Stitch Patterns

You need to learn some basics about it, and you’re done. Let’s understand the process of a cross stitch pattern with few steps. Counted Cross stitch patterns for babies is straightforward.

1. Go Through the Chart of Cross-Stitching

The chart will provide you with all the necessary information regarding cross-stitching. It will tell you how to stitch, where to stitch, which color to use. If you’re a beginner, it is advisable to begin from the middle section of the design.

The combination of symbols and colors will tell you about what color of floss should be used. 

2. Start Preparing Your Fabric

The most used fabrics for cross stitch patterns are linen and Aida. Before you begin, it is recommended to sew the edges in a zig-zag pattern; you can also bind the edges using masking tape.

You can create a counted cross stitch patterns for babies in many types of fabrics.

3. Find the Middle of Your Fabric

As it is good to start the stitching from the middle. There are many styles of embroidery frames and hoops available. As a beginner, using a hoop will be better for you. Please don’t pull the fabric too tightly as it will lose the weave of your fabric.  

4. Start Preparing the Thread Which You Want to Use

Select the color of the floss that you want to use. Most designed floss is made up of 6 strands of threads. Do not pull multiple strands as it may cause the floss to knot.

Thread the needle you are using. You should avoid the use of knots in cross-stitching as they can create lumps in the final pattern. 

5. Start Making a Row of Cross-Stitching

After that you’re done, start creating single cross stitches. Keep stitching until you reach the end.

Top Best Cross Stitching Patterns for Babies

Wrinkled feet
Credits: dailycrossstitch.com

Let’s discuss the Top best cross stitch patterns briefly for babies.

1. Wrinkled feet pattern- one of the cutest feature in newborn babies is their feet only. Everyone loves this wrinkled feet pattern.

2. Vintage cross stitch pattern- who doesn’t love vintage cross-stitched designs? Everyone does. Many skilled designers stitch vintage patterns.

3. Bear cross stitch pattern- a cross stitch pattern of a lovely teddy bear is the favorite of newborn babies. The designers make an amazing teddy bear counted cross stitch patterns for babies, whether it is a girl or a boy. The cross-stitched pattern of teddy bears will look so adorable on babies.

Credits: 123stitch.com

4. Disney cross stitch pattern- aren’t you a fan of those princesses of Disney characters?  If yes, then you’ll love these princess patterns for your newborn. Those adorable patterns of baby flounder and baby Ariel will look so good on your baby.

5. Name of your baby stitched with beautiful flowers- you can create a cross stitch pattern for your baby surrounding it with beautiful leaves and flowers.

6. Special Moments pattern- This is so much in trend these days. You can save special moments in the form of counted cross stitch patterns for babies.

7. Bird cross stitch pattern- little birds in the cross stitch pattern, look so amazing, and they give a kind of vintage look to the design. 

8. Cross stitch of a baby batman- isn’t this the perfect gift pattern for a newborn baby boy? It would look adorable when stitched on a blanket or as an embroidery showpiece.

9. Alphabets with bear- if you love teddy bear pattern and want something unique pattern for your newborn, then this is for you. 

10. Baby giraffe pattern- do you love nature and animals, and wish to get a cross-stitched pattern for this, then the idea of a baby giraffe with some greenery around is great fun. Maybe your baby will also like it. 

Top best Modern Cross Stitching Patterns for Babies

Modern Counted Cross Stitch Patterns for Babies

If you’re fond of modern counted cross stitch patterns for babies, then you must be very curious to know some of the best patterns in modern cross-stitching. 

11. Cross-stitched pattern by wee little stitches- it is so much in trend nowadays. People continuously love it. The designers can even design your personalized patterns for gift purposes and showpieces. 

12. Alphabets pattern in vintage look. Vintage cross stitch remains in trend all around the year.

13. Scary cross stitch patterns– for gift purposes is the best idea. You can ask for cross-stitched patterns of non–fictional characters and the designer will design a piece of art for you. 

14. Floral cross stitch pattern- if you want floral and greenery pattern for your babies, then this is for you. 


Handicraft work is always loved by people and is often on a high price range in the market. People consider a cross-stitched pattern as a piece of art.

Though, counted cross stitch patterns for babies is not as complicated or difficult as it seems to be. It requires efforts and experience to create the best cross stitch patterns.