5 Most Fun and Creative Card Making Ideas for Kids

Hand made cards are precious, especially when made by a kid. A child creates a card from scratch and expresses himself/herself by merely putting a dash of colours, folding paper, creating crude doodles, and writing beautiful words in their own clumsy yet beautiful handwriting. The artistic expression of a child through a card for his/her loved ones carries a lot of sentiment and value. 

Elders love to receive cards made by children as it is made out of love and hard work that spills out it. Kids love to make cards as it gives them a sense of artistic satisfaction after they complete it.

On various occasions when kids are encouraged by creative card making ideas for kids to take out their box of art and craft supplies to create beautiful handmade cards, they feel happy and involved in the process of gifting something made solely by them, as everything depends on how good and challenging their work is.

Children, however, get quickly bored with one technique. Thankfully, there is no shortage of creative card making ideas for kids in this world.

Why Is Card Making Important for Children?

Card Making Ideas for Kids

From age 3-8, children should get into art and craft for it helps them to grow and develop because of which, primary schools stress upon art and work so much-

It Helps Them to Develop Motor Skill

When children hold the materials manoeuver his/her way through making a card; the kid learns to coordinate the hands and the mind. When making a card, there is a need to use all the small muscles to create intricate work, therefore, leading to the bilateral coordination of skills. The excellent motor skills required to make a card help them to develop skills for other activities of life such as eating on their own, tying shoelaces, wrapping presents, etc.

Ability to Read and Write

When a child works on creative card making ideas what to write in a card, they gain the skills of reading, expressing their thoughts, listening and understanding, as well as speaking. The verbal communication between the parents and the child helps in forming the cognitive orientation to interact in a child.

Learning to Count

A child loves to work while being watched and given comments on everything they do. During this interaction, children also learn to count the number of flowers they have drawn or the number of stickers they are about to put.

Creative Card Making Ideas Provides Scope for Bonding Between Child and Parent

Spending quality time with parents is a critical factor as it not only brings a sense of belonging to the child but also helps them grow their self-esteem. Face to face interaction is essential in the growing and development years of a child as it helps them to express themselves through creativity.

Five Creative Card-Making Ideas for Kids

1. Pop-Up Card

Pop-up Card
Credits: EasyPeasyandFun.com

This creative card making idea for kids is done as follows-

  1. Get hold of chart paper or any substantial paper base
  2. Colorful construction paper 
  3. Scissors
  4. White adhesive
  5. Crayons and sketch pens
  6. White drawing paper

How to do it?

-Cut the chart paper and fold the paper once.

-Cut slits on the side of the fold about two inches long, and a distance between the slits should be one inch.

-To create a groove, fold the part, which has been cut into the card.

-Unfold the chart paper and put the paper within which was cut out. When unfolded, the paper should create a box within the card.

-Cut a portion of the colorful construction paper in such a manner that is larger than the chart paper out of which the card is made.

-The Pop-up slit should be set along with the chart paper on the construction paper. It should be facing upwards within the card. Stick it with a strong adhesive to the construction paper and make sure the pop-up part is not glued.

-Now you must fold it to secure the fold.

-Then, doodle and create a design on the white paper the pop-up image, cut out design and paste it onto the pop-up portion.

2. Dried Flower Card

Dried Flower Card

 This creative card making idea for kids is done as follows-

  1. Get hold of Scissors
  2. Glue
  3. Green and colored paper
  4. Dried flowers

How to make it?

-The green paper should be cut into long strips and stuck on the bottom of the paper with glue to make it look like grass, stem, and leaves.

-Get the dried flowers of various colors and stick it with glue right on the stems stuck on with green strips of paper. 

3. Thumb Print Cards

Thumb print cards
Credits: beneaththerowantree.com

This creative card making idea for kids is done as follows-

  1. Get hold of poster colors
  2. A palette to put the colors on
  3. Card paper
  4. Colored sketch pens and crayons

How to make it?

Dip your fingers on to the color of your choice on your thumb one by one without mixing, and press it onto the card to make patterns on the front of the card.

4. Scrap card

Scrap Card
Credits: creativekhadija.com

This creative card making idea for kids is done as follows-

  1. Get hold of the leftover decoration material from magazines or scrapbooks
  2. Buttons, glitter, ribbons, sticker gems
  3. Glue
  4. Colorful card or chart paper with a hard base.
  5. Colored sketch pens and crayons
  6. Scissors

To make it-

Stick the leftover scrapbook decoration materials, one on top of the other with designs and motifs with a 3D effect, say in the shape of a flower. To further decorate it, use the ribbons, buttons, gems, etc. and paste it on the leaf of the card with doodles. 

5. Safety Pin, Button, and Beads Card-

Card Making Ideas for Kids
Credits: thinkcrafts.com

This creative card making idea for kids is done as follows-

  1. Colorful safety pins.
  2. Glue
  3. Colored pens
  4. Beads and button
  5. Colorful chart paper.

To make it-

Insert beads into the safety pins, secure it, and glue it onto the top of the card paper to give it an appearance of the petals of a flower. At the center, the decorative button shall the glued. Write messages with sketch pens and doodle small things on the empty side.

While working one these creative card making ideas for kids, make sure to keep an eye on your kid. The material used shall not be toxic. If the scissors are sharp, assist the child in helping them cut paper or buy scissors that are not so sharp.

So to avoid any trouble, make the materials as safe as possible. The beads and buttons are small objects too, so keep an eye, or they might put them into their nose or mouth. The process of making a card using the methods as mentioned earlier is easy and filled with fun. 

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