Top 12 Best Knitting Pattern Websites for Beginners in 2020

Earlier, our grandparents would surf through books or depend upon the expertise of their mothers to hone their skills for knitting patterns. It was a time when elders and young ones would sit together, narrate tales and talk about their day along with the practice of knitting sweaters out of balls of yarn.

Multitasking was the main motive behind this practice. Every time autumn sets in; grandmothers take out their needle set and yarn. They silently do their work; sometimes even interact with people while knitting a glove with beautiful patterns in no time. This level of multitasking is admirable.

What if they get exposure to today’s world full of free information? Imagine how much more enormous knitting patterns they can create things with exposure to the Internet filled with beautiful knitting patterns! Your grandmother might know better knitting patterns and shortcuts. In that case, assist her to set up a blog.

Getting new knitting patterns with proper written instructions as well as videos is not very difficult with the advent of blogging by experts. Thus, it is the best chance you and I have in gifting ourselves by learning the art of knitting from these 12 best knitting pattern websites available.

Best Knitting Pattern Websites for Knitters


This website, created by a Sarah Bradburry, was online in various forms since 1996 when the website was only 1Mb! Her site’s tagline says ‘Playing with String since 1996!’ She has been knitting since she was five years old and made a string too.

With her degree in printmaking from Sydney College of Arts, this 50-year-old diva is spreading the love with her love for knitting. You can get various forms of knitting patterns for free. 

2. Yarnspirations

This website successfully runs because of its aim to inspire. They are in partnership with companies that sell kits and proper quality equipment. Being one of the best knitting pattern websites, it helps the visitors to get not only 1400+ free knitting patterns but also the scope to buy proper quality equipment for better results.

This website not only provides knitting patterns but also crocheting patterns. You get free knitting patterns for blankets, pillowcases, graphic snowflake knit sweaters, mittens a red heart knit in it, boot cuffs, pom-pom hat, and many other designs.

3. Craftsy


This website, now known as Bluprint offers free knitting patterns over 2400 available for download. You can even purchase other knitting patterns that are sold. You will find designs and models of your choice and requirement, and the site will never run out of them.

Being one of the best knitting pattern websites, it provides designs for all three levels- beginners, Intermediate and advanced, along with techniques like seamless, textured, etc. You get knitting patterns for clothing, accessories, décor, and toys.

4. KnitPicks

Here you will find endless inspiration for knitting socks, tote bags, mittens, scarfs, hats, toys, and many more. The unique ideas provided for each item you want to make.

They also sell kits for particular knitting patterns you want, with yarn and the selected pattern. They also sell high-quality yarn with free shipping for purchase over $50.

5. Lion Brand


The Lion Brand Company is a company that has for years, produced good quality yarn all across the world.

They have created the best knitting pattern website not solely to sell their yarn but also share innumerable knitting patterns that are very adorable and innovative. These are in collaboration with knitting experts, who knit things out of Lion Brand yarn.


This website too is made by the yarn store in America called WEBS. They have a great selection of patterns for knitting. Being the best knitting pattern website, it provides a separate section for many knitting patterns as well as sells good quality yarn.

7. AllFreeKnitting

Best Knitting Pattern Websites - Allfreeknitting

This website provides everything related to knitting patterns. From videos to instructions, everything here is free. This website has been an inspiration for a lot of teenagers and elders who take up knitting as a passion.

Being one of the best knitting pattern websites, you will get designs for scarfs, ponchos, tote bags, blankets, making images in a sweater out of knitting, socks, mittens, washcloths, etc. 

8. Purl Soho

The name itself is deeply related to knitting. Purl is one of the techniques used in knitting and Soho clearly states the idea that everything available on this site is free and made with reasonable costing equipment. The designs are unique and fashionable.

They even give away the exact color code of yarn used. Beautiful designs of scarfs, hats, vests, blankets, pullover, and dresses for babies, washcloths, cowls, hand warmers, socks, mittens, etc.

9. Ravelry


Ravelry, an online community, is one of the best knitting pattern website is an online community, which you can join for free. Here, you need to log in to be a part of the community.

This website is a place solely for knitters, crocheters, spinners, designers, weavers, etc. who can derive inspiration from other members who contribute material into this website.

Knitters from all around the world have found solace here in this community, and it is successfully running. You need to join them, with an email id, password, and username, as they are one of the best knitting pattern websites.

10. Vogue Knitting

Vogue is synonymous with being very stylish and in trend. Thus, no one on earth can stop you from being a knitting fashion mogul once you visit this best knitting pattern website.

With exact requirements and free knitting patterns, you get into the world of knitting sweaters with the perfect drape and decoration.

11. Rowan

Best Knitting Pattern Websites - Rowan

This Yarn Company has been famous for its upscale knitting patterns and designs. Some are available for purchase, but the ones free are very resourceful for it is unique in style.

12. Garn Studio

This website is also made out of a Yarn Company that provides over 90000 knitting patterns for anything and everything. However, they give out links only and don’t have pictures or videos for the knitting patterns. 

These are the best knitting pattern websites can provide you with enough resource to buy as well as learn knitting patterns for making toys, accessories, décor items, gifts, clothing items, etc.

Without the Internet and these expert bloggers, we would have been clueless about the various knitting patterns available on earth.

One can dare to experiment only because the proper methods, exact enumeration of resources required for each item, and the accurate details provided by bloggers in their written blogs with pictures and videos are helping every knitting enthusiast in our world, including you. 

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